Which Type of Pinball Enthusiast Are You?

We all can enjoy and appreciate Pinball Machines in different ways. You may be a pinball player, hobbyist, collector or an enthusiast by association. You could even be a combination of any of these. Below I’ve created my own definition for the different types of Pinball Enthusiasts as I see them.

Player Only
You enjoy pinball for the sake of it. You know of some local haunts where you can plunk quarters into these marvelous coin-operated machines. If you have a home game room, you prefer a plug and play pinball machine. Something that you can just plop into your game room and have up and running in a few minutes. You don’t want to do anything beyond cleaning the play field, replacing the rubbers and getting a shiny new ball.

You enjoy the challenge of a “project pinball”. Something that you can tinker with in your spare time and fix up. You know, or are willing to learn, the basic ins and outs of a machine. You know where to find the flipper coils, CPU board, chimes….etc. If you are unsure of how to fix something you’ll hunt for the answer on-line and ask pinball buddies on newsgroups/forums for help. If all else fails, you know of a reputable repair person to call. Pinball for sale

You are serious about Pinball Machines. You seek out specific games to add to your collection. Whether it be wood-rails, bingos, wedge-heads or more modern DMD and solid-state machines. You may collect certain pinball machines because they remind you of your childhood or just because they are nifty. Your collection may range from a few pinball machines to a dozen to hundreds. You may also be a “Pinball Hobbyist”

Enthusiast by Association
Pinball machines have become a large part of your life because of the influence of your significant other (boyfriend/husband). Whenever your significant other cannot be found, you first check the game room and if he is not there, he is in the garage/workshop doing something pinball related. Because he has gotten the Pinball bug, so have you. The two of you may attend pinball expos together, hunt down new places to play pinball and even work on a project pinball as a team. You may have started out as a “Pinball Player Only” but it is possible that in time, you’ll be a “Pinball Hobbyist”.



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