Maximizing Your Home Appliance Purchases

Energy efficient appliances are one of your best ways to conserve energy, reduce your home’s carbon footprint and save money.

Of the appliances in your home, the old refrigerator is probably one of your biggest consumers. If your current refrigerator is over fifteen years old you could save hundreds per year replacing it with a modern energy efficient refrigerator. In general, side by sides with in-the-door water and ice are popular but the least energy efficient. A more energy efficient choice is the top or bottom load freezer styles. home appliances hsr layout

A modern energy efficient dishwasher could save approximately $50 per year compared to one of only five years ago. A bonus is that it will use less water as well. This is due to improved sensor technology, energy efficient pumps and improved filtration technology.

A front load washing machine can also improve your energy efficiency and save up to $100 per year. In addition to using less water and being gentler on your clothes, they also typically get more water out of your clothes due to a faster spin cycle. This saves money in the drying stage of laundry.

Dryers have improved little in energy efficiency over the years. Most likely your current dryer is just as energy efficient as a new one. The largest contributor to dryer energy efficiency is a humidity sensor that can tell when the clothes are dry. Make sure a new model includes a humidity sensor. Replacing your dryer when it wears out is your best value. Spin dryers exist for the sole purpose of removing excess water before the drying stage. To save money this is the better purchase for drying your clothes in addition to your current dryer.

One of the largest returns can be had for the smallest amount of money. A programmable thermostat can save you several hundred dollars per year if you use it to lower the temperature 5 to 10 degrees while sleeping or being out of the house for extended periods.


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