How to Play 8-Ball Pool on The Big Cash App

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Play 8-ball pool on the Big Cash App

The 8-ball pool is one of the most common and popular online casual games played by thousands of players worldwide. Over the past few years, this game has evolved to a great extent, both visually and graphically. It provides users with a real-time gaming experience.

8-ball pool games are also regarded as turn-based online games with a multi-player mode that is similar to real pool or billiard games. The main goal of this game is to pocket the designated set of balls before your opponent does that, followed by the 8-ball. This is mainly based on your chosen pocket.

Rules for 8 Ball Pool Online Game

Important 8 ball pool rules are:

  • Rule 1:The specified coloured balls are still exposed to the pot in the event that a ball is pocketed during the first break. After the break, the player should only pocket those balls (either strip or solids).
  • Rule 2:Your turn is immediately forfeited if the cue ball initially contacts your opponent’s ball.
  • Rule 3:Before going on to the 8 Ball (black ball), pocket all the assigned colours first.
  • Rule 4:If the black ball is potted in a hole other than the one that has been designated, the game is lost, and your opponent wins.
  • Rule 5:A foul is committed if the cue ball misses a ball or the railing.
  • Rule 6:Your opponent wins if both the cue ball and the 8 Ball are potted simultaneously.

Tips to Win an 8-Ball Pool Game

The top 8 ball pool tips and tricks are:

  1. Know every aspect of the game’s rules.
  2. Acquire knowledge of the various breaks to prevent your turn from being lost.
  3. Take into account the placement of all the balls on the table when deciding between stripes and solids after the break.
  4. Not everything is about power. The locations of other balls may occasionally be disrupted by an overhit ball, forcing you to reevaluate your sequence. The key is accuracy.
  5. Make a plan! When it is your turn to pocket a ball, consider the ball you will be required to pocket next. Your cue ball location is crucial in light of this.

With the aforementioned tips, players may easily win the game and find it simple to make money playing 8 ball pool on the Big Cash app. Get the app for free and start making money right away.

So, this skill-based gaming platform’s reward-linked games are exactly the ones you should be looking for to spend your leisure time and earn real Cash in return. The increased use of the internet and smartphones have given rise to various gaming platforms like Big Cash. Therefore, now that you know how to play 8-ball pool on this app, it’s time to download it right away and start playing.


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